About us?


We are a European group (Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) that advises the CBD wholesaler on the great potential of the hemp plant, through consulting and production services. We rely on an extensive commercial network in the European Union. 

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby

What we do in each country


In Spain we have ecological, organic and biological CBD production. We have the GACP (Good Agriculture Collecting Practice) certificate. 

We grow CBD plants without industrial products such as pesticides, artificial nutrients and chemicals. 

We are present in the Canary Islands and Barcelona. Additionally, we have CBD-based cosmetic products produced in Alicante.


In Germany we have our bulk packaging service (up to 500 thousand bottles per month). This service is ISO and BIO certified.  

We have a factory in Bremen where we produce and manufacture most of our products.  

In Bremen we do cryo ethanol extraction and distillation with a wiped-film for special products. Additionally we perform:

  • Soft shell capsules
  • Supplementary food 
  • CBD candies
  • Craft distillate for vapers 
  • Cannabinoids water soluble 

Additionally, in Bremen there is our team of scientists who are constantly looking for new ways to use CBD therapeutically.   

In Germany we work with a well-known pharmaceutical group that has the license to export and import narcotics, such as THC flowers and other products.  


We have our partner labs that do bulk extraction up to 1000 kilos per day and we produce the base (crude oil) that we process in Bremen. 

    • We have the service of cleaning whole plants of CBD and we lower the THC. 
    • We revitalize the buds with different cannabinoids according to customer requests (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, etc). 
    • We are certified to produce veterinary food all over the European Community.


Here we have the production of organic pollen and biomass, the pressing of CBD hashish and we develop new formulas of different kinds of hashish. We distribute these products in the European Union from this country.  

Our value

Because we control the process from the beginning (choosing the seed, optimizing cultivation/drying, processing the plant, until the final product is obtained), we guarantee a product that is 100% adapted to the client’s needs. We are producers, not just marketers.

Close contact is very important to us because the needs of our customers play a decisive role in the optimization and improvement of our products. 

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby



We are a European group integrated by specialized consultants, doctors, laboratory technicians, scientists, agricultural engineers and lawyers, passionate about hemp and ready to provide the best service. 

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby

Doctors and veterinarians

They are constantly seeking to harness the therapeutic potential of hemp to treat diseases in humans and animals.

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby

Laboratory technicians

They development of constant improvements in the processing of the plant in the laboratory.


They work in collaboration with physicians to develop new formulations for therapeutic use.

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby

Agricultural engineers

 They develop new genetics and assistance in plant processing in the field (outdoor and indoor).

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby


They are specialized in hemp and cannabis legislation.

Asesoría al mayorista de CBD - Bluecanoby

Specialized consultants

Professional advisors with in-depth knowledge of hemp and intermediaries between the customer and Bluecanoby’s team of specialists.

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