At Bluecanoby we don’t want to be just suppliers for the CBD wholesaler basing the relationship on buying and selling transactions, we want to go further, because we understand that the basis for success in this business and any other is trust, for that reason, we offer the CBD wholesaler an accompaniment throughout the purchase process, guaranteeing a complete experience that goes beyond an economic transaction. 

What products do we offer to the CBD wholesaler?

It is an ideal time to get involved as a CBD wholesaler due to the exponential growth of this industry, and CBD products becoming more and more popular in the market. A CBD wholesaler can find the following products:


  • CBD Flowers
  • CBD Hashish (sometimes called “CBD resins”)
  • CBD oils
  • CBD crystals (sometimes called “CBD isolate”)
  • CBD Infusions
  • CBD food supplements
  • CBD beverages
  • CBD Seeds
  • CBD E-liquids
  • CBD Candies
  • CBD Cosmetics

Just as every CBD item is different, so is every store. Choosing the right products available for your store will be a key factor in the success of your business.

In case you are not yet a CBD wholesaler and are considering it, we inform you about some important aspects:

What is cbd wholesale distribution and how does it work?

Wholesale distribution can be given by a supplier of CBD products to a distributor. 

The supplier sets a retail price and a price for distribution. The distribution price may be fixed or may vary depending on the agreement and the volume of orders or revenue generated by the distributor. In this way distributors with higher turnover or higher volume of orders may receive a lower distribution price and consequently a higher profit margin. 


What is needed before starting to distribute cbd?

  1. A place to sell the products (physical store or ecommerce): You will need to have a physical or online place to market the products and the relevant sales permits to be able to sell CBD products. 
  2. To know the legal situation to commercialize the products: Depending on the legal situation of CBD in your region or country you will have to limit yourself to food or cosmetic permits. 
  3. Initial investment: You will need to make an initial investment to place your order, obtain stock and start earning profits by selling products. 

How to identify quality cbd suppliers?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, our goal is to go beyond being a commercial supplier, our interest is to accompany, to help the industry to increase value because we are convinced of the therapeutic contribution of CBD to society, all this we summarize in a lasting relationship of trust. But while it is true, in order to reach terms of trust, the CBD wholesaler must first consider important aspects when selecting a reliable supplier.

An essential factor to keep in mind is that official suppliers have third-party analysis of the products (performed by external laboratories), to study the amount of Cannabidiol or other cannabinoids contained in the product. This analysis should be available on the suppliers’ website along with other quality seals such as global seals. GAP, GASP, ISO, GMP, GMPU, or any other code or systematization that confirms the quality of the products through agents external to the company. 

To conclude, whether you are a CBD wholesaler or you want to get started in this world, we offer you our consulting services to advise you on prioritizing your needs and objectives. Contact us for more information.


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