CBD oil, scientifically known as cannabidiol oil, has been marketed on a large scale to treat different ailments, from inflammation and chronic pain to anxiety and insomnia. In this article we want to highlight the most relevant aspects of it and about its commercialization to the CBD wholesaler. 

What is CBD oil or cannabidiol oil?

CBD oil is a well-known and highly demanded cannabis extract containing cannabinoids. CBD, one of many cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis plants, is a water insoluble and oil soluble organic compound. 

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD has therapeutic effects, but it should be noted that CBD oil in cosmetics is not the same as CBD oils intended for the treatment of diseases through sublingual ingestion. 

In CBD oil for cosmetic use, it is usual to see products that include other derivatives such as vegetable oils, perfumes, butters, etc. That is, any element that serves to improve consistency, odor or that favors its topical application as creams.

On the other hand, CBD oil intended for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, diabetes, the composition is much simpler, finding oils that only have two or three ingredients (including cannabidiol) to get a kind of tincture or extract to which we can give different uses. For example, its consumption. It should be clarified that its use and dosage should be guided by a specialist. since the therapeutic needs of each person will define the treatment to follow. When you are not under medical treatment and you are of legal age, you can benefit from CBD oil under your own responsibility. 

Also, it can be used to improve skin problems of dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and reduce the most severe symptoms of pathologies such as multiple sclerosis.

With CBD oil you can improve your quality of life and find an alternative to treatments that probably have not worked before.  

Benefits of CBD oil

The best known benefits of this product are:

  1. Energizing: CBD oil acts on cannabinoid receptors and helps to restore the body’s natural energy balance when it has been lost. This happens due to stress, inadequate sleep, unbalanced diet, overwork, etc. Cannabidiol helps restore energy.
  2. Neurodegenerative disorders: CBD oil helps to balance the nervous system, which is why it is recommended as an adjuvant in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. These diseases weaken cognitive abilities and lead to depression. Cannabidiol also acts as an antidepressant and reduces agitation and aggression, two very common symptoms in this type of disorder.
  3. For anxiety and insomnia:  CBD oil is indicated for cases of severe anxiety. These include panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and even post-traumatic stress symptoms. It would also help in less serious problems such as social anxiety or nervousness. It would also help to reduce insomnia.
  4. Diabetes:  CBD oil reduces the risk of developing diabetes. In those who already have this disease, it would help to keep insulin levels more balanced. In addition, it would act to alleviate diabetic neuropathy. However, there is no 100% conclusive data on the matter.
  5. Cardiovascular health: There is limited evidence that CBD oil would help prevent and reduce cardiovascular problems. In general, it would offer benefits for the functioning of the circulatory system and heart conditions. On the other hand, it would help to reduce high blood pressure.
  6.  Pain and inflammation: CBD oil binds to endocannabinoid receptors and this contributes to the regulation of functions such as sleep, appetite and pain. In this way, it would decrease the severity of pain and, furthermore, reduce inflammation. Because of the above, this product is used in the relief of problems such as chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasticity and general aches and swellings. It would also help to recover faster from injuries.

Contraindications and safety of CBD oil

There is still a long way to go to be more certain about the uses and contraindications of these products. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the precautionary principle in stages of life where we are more vulnerable to any external agent (pregnancy, breastfeeding, elderly, people with hypotension, or heart disease). In addition, we should consult a physician or specialized therapist who can individualize and supervise our treatment.

CBD oil for pets

It is necessary to understand that CBD oil is not psychoactive. This means that there is no In general, most pets classified as chordates (backbone) have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, but since their endocannabinoid system is smaller than that of humans, a CBD oil without THC and terpenes is necessary, especially cats do not have the ability to metabolize terpenes and an overdose of them can cause damages.

The endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in the processing of CBD components in cannabidiol oils. That means that you can use these products for almost all types of pets, including cats, dogs and even horses.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that just like humans, pets can suffer from a variety of ailments, both mental and physical. Many scientific studies have shown that CBD oil can have a positive effect in relieving and treating common health problems in humans. 

So that our pets are “high” on these products. That’s perhaps the best thing about CBD oil: it brings all the medical benefits without the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

CBD oil B2B or for wholesalers

In Blucanoby as manufacturers of CBD products, we offer wholesalers the best quality oils 100% natural and pure, available in various sizes and concentrations. Contact us for more information.


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