Green light for legalisation of cannabis flowers in Germany

The German government gave the green light on Wednesday 16 August to a bill to legalise the use and possession of cannabis, which will make Germany the second EU country after Malta to regulate the recreational use of the drug, which will go before parliament in early September this year.

What is the project about?

In this article about the legalisation of cannabis flowers in Germany, we want to explain the reasons why the German government intends to regularise, allowing the creation of associations or Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC), the requirements to do so, how to create one, and finally, how we at Bluecanoby have become involved in this project that will represent a before and after in the world of THC in Germany.


What does German law say about the legalisation of cannabis flowers?

Recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Germany, agriculture minister Cem Ozdemir has confirmed, the estimate is for the end of 2023 and 2024. Legalisation is expected to take place in 2 phases:

  1. In changing the law. It is intended to give people the possibility to open a non-profit cannabis association, the time of approval of the law would be between 5 and 7 years. After 5 years, the viability of legalisation will be studied based on data, and if it is heading in the right direction, it will be legalised, and if it is not sufficiently viable, the legalisation period will be extended for 2 more years, that is to say, it will be 7 years.
  2. Through a model project with the participation of the provinces. In this phase, the aim is to make way for the commercialisation of cannabis, for which the provinces will be able to vote on model projects for the commercialisation of cannabis.
  • What happens if the provinces do not approve the models? The project is not implemented, community approval is required to implement cannabis projects.

Requirements for setting up a non-profit cannabis club in Germany

The term non-profit refers to the fact that the German state will not tax the profits of Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs).

  • Cannabis flowers cannot be imported, must be locally produced and not centralised, i.e. no large crops are allowed to be grown and then distributed throughout the country, the requirement is to have local/regional and small crops.Cannabis flowers cannot be exported.
  • The importation of legally approved cuttings and seeds is allowed in Europe but they can only be sold in a cannabis club (Cannabis Social Club, CSC).
  • Cultivation and CSC should be next to each other and should be at least 500 metres away from a school.
  • The state now intends that all members of the CSC should be able to assist in the cultivation to produce cannabis.
  • In the CSC, people who work or have contact with consumers must have German state-approved training to ensure that they are qualified to provide the service. Example: Cannabis is currently used for medicinal purposes, the people working in the CSC should provide a guidance service that provides the community with security in terms of dosage and product.
  • One CSC can be created for every 6000 inhabitants. The government will be controlling and monitoring the creation of CSCs per inhabitant. This means that in Germany with a population of approximately 84 million inhabitants, 13,000 CSCs can be created.
  • Whether you want to open a CSC or become a member, people must be registered in the same region.
  • Each club can have a maximum of 500 members, and each member can order 50 grams of cannabis flowers per month, which means that each member can have 25 grams in his or her pocket at each visit to the CSC. This guarantees 2 visits per month to the CSCs.
  • Note: Orders must be placed in advance. Once the legalisation is in place, the CSCs will start planting the products for the members, who will have previously placed their orders. What is left over at the end of the year must be destroyed and there must be 3 witnesses to the event, one of the witnesses must belong to the competent authority.

Penalties for those who do not comply

The penalty that has been in place until now with this law will be tougher, with the aim that the black market will disappear. This means that the selling price of CSCs will be very low, lower than if they were bought on the black market.

How to set up a non-profit cannabis club in Germany?

Precisely to respond to the need for the imminent legalisation of cannabis flowers in Germany, we at Bluecanoby have created the TeamGreen community, a group of specialists from different professions, made up of experts dedicated to Green Tech, covering the field of digitisation such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, and Cannabis spelunkers, we also have lawyers specialising in Cannabis.

TeemGreen is a group that has brought together technology and cannabis. This group is also responsible for the implementation of the entire project from start to finish (turnkey solution).

Anyone interested in more information, or personalised advice via email, phone call, or video conference, can get in touch via the form below, and someone from our team will deal with the request as soon as possible.


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